One of the common questions I get asked is: “I am interested in a certification; from where do I start?”. Answer maybe obvious for a seasoned exam taker. However, for a beginner it could be really confusing. So, if you’re interested in preparing for a certification exam, I will give you some easy steps to get you started. 


I passed my AWS Certified Security – Specialty exam on September 2018 and I would like to share some thoughts on my experience.

First of all, some people asked me why I chose the AWS path to cloud security instead of going for a vendor neutral cert like CCSP from (ISC)². Main reason for this is that, before diving into Cloud Security I thought it would be useful to get a good understanding of a cloud platform. I chose AWS cloud as they are the leader in Cloud Computing as of this writing. I studied and passed the AWS Certified Solutions Architect –  Associate exam first. This gave me a good overview of the AWS platform and its capabilities. It took me around another month to prepare for the Security Specialty exam.

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Recently I earned my Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP) certification after successfully passing the OSCP exam challenge. OSCP is a penetration testing certification offered by Offensive Security. To earn the title, you have to complete the Penetration Testing with Kali Linux (PWK) training course and pass the 24-hour arduous exam challenge. Offensive Security is well known in the security industry as they’re the creators of the popular Kali Linux distribution and Exploit-DB online exploit database. OSCP distinguishes itself from other InfoSec certs by teaching you the practical skills in the field of penetration testing.


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Whenever I install a fresh copy of Kali Linux there are few procedures I follow to set it up properly. In this post I am going to list most common steps I repeat with every new installation.

Log in with the username root and the default password toor



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